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Pick up and return

  1. Minimal rental period is 3 days.
  2. You can pick up and drop off your car directly at Vagar Airport, or at any other place agreed prior to booking.
  3. Pick-up and drop-off locations other than the airport must be agreed prior to booking and are subject to an additional charge which should be agreed prior to booking.
  4. At the airport, in the hall with the car rental center, we have lockers for collecting and returning the keys, so the collection and return of the car takes place without contact and it's possible at any time.
  5. If you rent a car with a pick up date within 48 hours from booking time, to be sure that the car will be ready for you, you must confirm your booking by phone or email.
  6. A few days before arrival you will receive a link to authorize the amount of the deposit, after authorizing the car pick-up details.
  7. In the email with the link to the deposit will also be a request to send the driver's details, name, date of birth and date of obtaining the right to drive the car. Please remember, you must hold the license for a minimum of one year, and you need to be at least 21 years old and be no older than 70 years of age.
  8. Details of picking up the car will be sent to the email address provided when making the reservation directly before picking up the car.
  9. You have the right to check the technical condition of your car, it will be best if when collecting and returning the car to take a few photos showing the condition of the car from the outside and inside to avoid liability, e.g. for damage caused in the parking lot after leaving the car.
  10. The rental car, should be return in the same condition as received, including the cleaningness inside and outside of the car.
  11. If you believe that the car is significantly different from the state in which you rented it in terms of cleanliness, there are car washes and vacuum cleaners at every major gas station. The automatic car wash is also opposite the airport in a red building near the Carro mechanical workshop.
  12. Cars are fully refueled prior to rental and should be returned with a full tank. If this condition is not met, an additional fee of 200 DKK will be applied. In addition, you will also be charged for the estimated value of fuel missing from the car. To avoid misunderstandings, you should take a photo showing the fuel level after parking at the airport, the photo should show the fuel level and the odometer.
  13. Before returning, refuel the car at one of the gas stations closest to the airport. The stations are at Midvagur and Sorvagur.


All our rental cars are insured, however in case of the accident/damage, the renter is responsible to cover the self-risk cost of 6000 DKK per each accident/damage. This means that if during the rental there are several separate, unrelated damages, the car renter's liability will be the value of the self-risk multiplied by the number of damages. The deposit for premium cars is higher at 9900 DKK and 5000 DKK when the self risk reduction option is chosen.

  1. It’s possible to reduce the self-risk amount to 2500 DKK (normal cars) and 5000 DKK (premium cars) for a fee of 129 DKK per rental day (deposit reduction).
  2. The insurance does not cover:
    • If the renter will use the car for illegal activities.
    • If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Any damage to the interior of the car, e.g. seats, dashboard, mats, etc. caused by improper use.
    • Speeding or parking tickets, toll roads, etc.
    • Damages to the clutch caused by inappropriate use of manual transmission.
    • Damages to the bottom of the car, caused by driving on bad roads.
  3. In the event of damage to the outside or inside of the car caused by improper use, the renter will be obliged to cover the repair costs. These costs are determined in an authorized service appropriate to the make of the car.

Driving license and drivers

  1. You must hold the license for a minimum of one year, and you need to be at least 21 years old.
  2. There is possibility of adding additional drivers, if the above criteria are met, for additional fee of 250 DKK per driver, this fee will be charged to your deposit. If you want to add an additional driver, just enter his details in the comment when making the reservation.
  3. The Renter agrees not to allow any other person to drive the vehicle, except for authorized drivers listed in the contract.
  4. The renter is responsible for the rental car and is not permitted to allow any other person to drive the vehicle, except for those authorized and listed in the rental agreement.

Rental agreement

  1. The entire booking and payment process takes place online.
  2. Deposit authorization prior to arrival is via the payment link.
  3. Pickup and return of the car takes place without contact, based on the provided instructions.
  4. Making and paying for a reservation means accepting all rental conditions, and confirmation of compliance with the conditions, e.g. in terms of the age and date of obtaining the driver's license.
  5. After paying for the reservation, a confirmation of the reservation with the ID number and its details is automatically sent. It should be treated as a rental contract.
  6. GLH reserves the right to cancel the reservation if any of the conditions specified in the terms are not met, and the value of the reservation will not be refunded. The Lessor will be informed of such a fact immediately after its discovery. 


  1. There are three sub-sea tunnels in the Faroe Islands. There is an automatic plates recognition system, that reads the license plate number and sends the bill afterwards. We will make these payments for you, so please DO NOT pay the charge yourself. All you need to do, is to let us know, that you have used the tunnels when you drop off your car. If you made the payments, unfortunately this will not be refunded.
  2. The Norðoya and Vága sub-sea tunnels crossing costs 100 DKK, back and forth. This will be subtracted from your deposit. There is also, an option off one-off payment of 390 DKK, for which, you can have an unlimited access to both of these tunnels. Purchase of a subscription is possible only when making a reservation.
  3. The Eysturoy tunnel is not included in the unlimited sub-sea tunnel option and it will be charged extra. The price for one way trip is: Strendur-Rokin 145 DKK, Eysturoy-Streymoy 195 DKK and this will be subtracted from your deposit.
  4. The new Sandoy tunnel is not included in the unlimited sub-sea tunnel option and it will be charged extra. The price for one way trip is 195 DKK and this will be subtracted from your deposit.


  1. In the event of any damage to the car, the renter is obliged to immediately inform GLH by calling +298 91 91 81.
  2. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the renter is obliged to pay the self-risk amount. In the case where cost of repair is less then self-risk, you will have an option to pay for the repair costs instead of the self-risk amount.
  3. The cost of the repair will be estimated on the basis of a calculation made in a system designed for costing car repairs by a professional repair shop indicated by GLH.
  4. If the renter is not responsible for the accident, a written confirmation from the counter-part must be obtained and submitted. All material damages must be reported to the police, phone +298 351448. You are also oblige, to notify us immediately about the accident/damage under the number +298 91 91 81.
  5. If the car is damaged in a way that prevents further use, the rental period ends. In certain situations, e.g. when the damage was not the fault of the renter, GLH may provide another car until the end of the rental period. However, this is only possible if a car of the same class is available and with the approval of GLH.
  6. The renter is obliged to cover the costs of repairing minor operational damages, such as repairing the wheel in case of its damage, purchase of a repair spray for the wheel, etc.

Cancellation and changes

  1. We know how hard it has been to travel in recent years and how hard it can be to plan your trip these days, so you can cancel your car reservation at any time. However, we ask you to provide information as soon as possible if your trip would not take place.
  2. The cancellation fee is 600 DKK. The fee is reduced to 400 DKK if you have to cancel your arrival due to COVID-19 or, for example, flight cancellations made by the airline.
  3. Changing the car or date is free, however, we cannot guarantee that the car will be available on the new dates.
  4. If your trip does not take place due to COVID-19, you can reschedule your booking free of charge at any time. You can also cancel your booking at any time for a fee of 400 DKK.


  1. When you rent a car, we require a deposit 6000 DKK, if reduction of self risk (deposit reduction) is selected, the deposit is reduced to the amount of 2500 DKK.
  2. The deposit for premium cars is higher at 9900 DKK and 5000 DKK when the self risk reduction option is chosen.
  3. The deposit is in addition to the rental price and not as a part of it. The amount of the deposit is not debited from the card, which means that the payment card is not charged to, but remember, that you must have enough funds in your account to perform such authorization. The amount remains at GLH disposal, this gives us the possibility to subtract the fee for any additional sub-sea tunnels trips, a car returned without a full tank, parking tickets, and any possible damages to the car.
  4. Authorization of the deposit amount is done using the authorization link sent before picking up the car.
  5. If damage to the car is found during inspection of the car after the end of the rental, the deposit is charged. The cost of repair is determined by the appropriate service, if the cost of repair is less than the amount collected, the difference is refunded. Due to the specificity of the Faroe Islands, the waiting time for a quote and repair is long, so the repair quote may take some time and the date is agreed individually each time.
  6. We send the settlement of the deposit 10 working days after returning of the car.

Credit card information

  1. When you make a payment on GLH Cars Rental (Fa GLH), all credit card information is handled by QuickPay, which is a secure electronic payment method for Visa, Maestro and Mastercard. All card information is handled in concordance with the credit card organizations rules.
  2. To make payment, the card must have active 3D Secure verification. If your payment is declined check that 3D verification is activated on your card, please contact your bank to determine this.
  3. Cards that can be used for payment and deposit authorization are Maestro, Mastercard and Visa.

Payment and refund

  1. When making a reservation, we require payment, by making the payment you confirm that you have read the terms and accept them.
  2. Refunds are made within 10 days. The exact time of crediting the funds to the account depends on the bank and the customer's card operator.
  3. We always charge and refund amounts in DKK, the exact amounts and exchange rates in your currency are dependent on your card provider.
  4. Making a payment means accepting the condition.


  1. Smoking in the rental vehicle is not permitted.
  2. If the cleaningness of the car is vary significantly from the original condition in which it was rented, we reserve the right to charge additional fee of 500 DKK for the car cleaning. If the interior requires washing, the cost will be determined individually based on the offer of a specialized company.
  3. The renter is responsible for parking tickets or speed tickets.
  4. The renter, agrees to use the vehicle only for legal purposes (personal or business). The renter is obliged to follow all country, city, and government rules and restrictions regarding use and operation of the car.
  5. The renter understands that the vehicle is for use only in Faroe Islands and cannot be taken to any other country.
  6. The renter agrees to release the owner from any damages, injuries, property loss, or death caused while the renter operates the vehicle. The renter will be held accountable, for any damages or cleaning fees sustained while renting the vehicle. The renter have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before the renting term begins and confirm that it is in good operable condition.
  7. All offers and repair costs will be settled with VAT.
  8. Offers and calculations requiring specialized programs will be performed in the languages ​​used on Faroes mostly Danish or Faroese.
  9. Please remember to review all the terms and conditions when you book, which include everything you need to know before your journey.

Here are some general information, when you rent a car in Faroe Islands

  1. The roads in Faroe Islands are in good conditions, but some of the roads are narrow and difficult to drive. The weather can be challenging and it has potential to change rapidly from sun to rain and it can get extremely foggy and windy at times. So please keep this in mind while driving and choose a safe speed levels according to the conditions. 
  2. Here you have some movie about roads rules on Faroe Islands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K4nkJYS--o
  3. The speed limit is 50 km/h in built-up areas and 80 km/h in non-built-up areas.
  4. All passengers are required to use seat belts.
  5. Drivers are obliged to use headlights at all times, day and night.
  6. Talking on a mobile phone and driving under the influence of alcohol are strongly prohibited.
  7. Parking in some of the cities and at the airport is paid at designated places. Parking discs, is displayed in the right-hand bottom corner of the front windscreen, must show the time you parked your car. Parking violations will incur a fine of 500 DKK plus administration fee 200 DKK. 

Personal data

GLH Cars Rental (Fa GLH) treats all personal data in concordance with The Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

Company details

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